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Architeuthis Walks on Land

Sawing, sputtering, gurgling and wailing, Architeuthis Walks on Land is every bit the displaced and terrifying cephalopod that the name suggests. The viola and bassoon are two instruments rarely associated with free improvisation and noise; yet Amy Cimini and Katherine Young rip it up with particular aplomb, weaving disjunct lines, constructing chaotic sound masses, and raising towering monoliths. Crafting their improvised materials into tight structures, theycapture the compositional, timbral and expressive breadth of this uncommon coupling: from divergently soloistic to profoundly intertwined playing, from a slowly unfolding intimacy to a jagged and kinetic style. Cimini and Young lunge and flutter through their materials with the intuition and energy of constant discovery.

Violist Amy Cimini and bassoonist Katherine Young have been performing together as Architeuthis Walks on Land since 2003. The duo developed their approach to improvisation in Chicago and New York City's rich experimental music communities, where they have collaborated with artists like Anthony Braxton, Peter Evans, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jessica Pavone, Hans Joachim Irmler from Faust and the Tri-Centric Orchestra. Known for a charismatic stage presence that contrasts their aggressive playing styles, Cimini and Young are equally at home in rock clubs and concert halls.

Reviews of their second album, Natura Naturans released on Carrier Records in 2010, describe this intensity as "raw, yet refined improvisational sophistication" (Free Jazz Stef) and "manifest improvisational bravura, of the ruthless variety, depending on close intervallic buzzing, pipe-like droning and the rusty fencing of inhospitable harmonic territories." (Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes). The duo recently completed two artist residencies at the Rensing Center for the Arts and EMPAC at Ressalaer Polytechnic Institute, where they developed and recorded new material using amplification and processing to further challenge the capacities of their instrumentation. This material will surface as Architeuthis' third album in Fall 2014.







Architeuthis Walks on Land's second record, Natura Naturans, was released by Carrier Records in 2010.

It is available for digital download here: www.carrierrecords.com.

    Architeuthis Walks on Land's debut album is available on the SetProjects label. awolcover